22 thoughts on “Santiago! ~ Day 79 ~ June 24, 2014”

    1. The streets are filled with people like me who have walked any distance over 100 km to get to Santiago. It has the feeling of school graduation. Linda


    1. Every time it look at the distance on a map, I am stunned. A few more days of walking will finish the pilgrimage. Thanks for being an avid reader. Linda


  1. Ta Dah, to say the least. The time has just flown by. Cannot believe you are done. Congratulations. Which spa are you headed to now??? Time to pamper …XXOO


  2. Way to go Linda! Sending our congratulations from Northern California!!
    Will it be hard to stop?
    Mark and Cynthia and Annie


    1. It will feel different different not to get up every day, pack my backpack, and walk. It’s. Bernard simple existence.
      I’ll be cheering for Rachel and Sean. Enjoy the West Coast. Linda


  3. Congratulations, my friend! You have come to journey’s end, but I can’t help but believe this journey is the first step on a much larger journey that you will continue on throughout the rest of your life. Soak in the beauty, the celebration, and the camaraderie…and then come back safely and soon!


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