Baths – March 21, 2019

  • Thursday, March 21, 2019 – Day 8
  • Temples #23 Muroto City, Japan
  • Weather: 40-55 degrees & overcast
  • Miles 7.5 / 86 Miles

Many accommodations offer public baths, a rich opportunity to soak chin deep in hot water. Men and women have separate baths. First shower for cleanliness. Then soak in a hot bath. A second bath has ice cold water so you can cycle between hot and cold…Naked of course. Can there be a better way to end the day?

Today Naomi and I went to Sea Rest Muroto, a public onsen (public bath) on the beach. An outside hot salt-springs bath slowly roasted the body chin to the toes while the cool sea breeze refreshed the face. A combination of whirlpool and salt water gave buoyancy to legs and arms. An indoor hot bath without salt offered a different feel to the skin. The natural spring hot baths are valued for their mineral content as being healthy.

There is a wonderful mixture of people at the onsen. Some people in business attire popping in after work, adults bringing and caring for aged parents, retired folks. There is a balance of community gathering and quiet time.

  1. Showers
  2. Hot bath
  3. Hot and cold baths with garden view

Temple #21 – March 20, 2019

  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019, Day 7
  • Temples #20 and #21
  • Katsuura Town, Japan
  • Weather: 40-55 degrees with blur skies with white clouds
  • Miles 6 / 78.5 Miles

Temple #21 at 1,640 feet elevation has magnificent views with glimpses of the ocean and Temple #20. A ten-minute Ropeway (gondola) delivers me to tonight’s accommodations.

  1. Gate
  2. Kōbō Daishi
  3. Main Temple
  4. Ropeway