Road Less Traveled ~ Day 82

Day 82, June 27
19 miles, 1,034 miles
Altitude: ? feet (? feet daily high)
Weather: overcast, sunny with clouds, misty rain; 65-70F

Those in the know
Have Brierley in tow.

John Brierley is the author of the English speaking Bible for the Camino, A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago, How refreshing it was to use a variant Brierley did not promote. Without his endorsement, there were only a couple other pilgrims along the well marked way from Olveiroa to Muxia. The cafés lacked the imprint of heavy pilgrim traffic.





A Day for Walking ~ Day 81

Day 81, June 26
21 miles, 1,015 miles
Altitude: 656 feet (1,640 feet daily high)
Weather: overcast, misty rain; 65-70F

The morning had been cool with an overcast making it an ideal day for walking. After 12 miles, the decision had to be made to stop or walk 9 more miles as there were no accommodations between the two points.

The voice said , “Go for it.”