8 thoughts on “Packed ~ March 10, 2014”

  1. What a great experience – trip of a lifetime! I’ll be following your blog for sure. Will miss you! Be safe!!!


  2. Your heavy pack reminds me of the movie “Runaway Bride” when Julia Roberts puts on her pack and falls backward! Good luck and safe travels!

    Kim and Dale


  3. Just catching up with your doings. Will enjoy reading about yet another of your adventures. You’re amazing.


  4. Linda, I’m sitting here in Tomar, Portugal talking to two women I’ve just met from Charlottesville. I’ve showed them your photo here, but they don’t recognize you. Small world, though! One has a restaurant in the Belmont area of Charlittesville called La Taza – do you know it? Buen Camino!


    1. As I use to teach at Clark School just two blocks away, I have had many coffees at La Taza . Heavens! Is there anyone left in C’ville or are we all on the Camino or in route? Linda


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