All but the Kitchen Sink ~ April 4, 2014

All but the Kitchen Sink

Luxembourg Garden has all but the kitchen sink…huge water fountains with model sail boats for children to sail with pushing poles, tennis courts, pedal go-carts, competition chess games with both the traditional hand-slapping analog clocks as well as cell phone stop watches, bocce ball, Shetland pony rides, climbing walls, play structures, statues, flowers, topiary trees, sun bathers, picnic baskets, readers, bee hives, and runners.

Trees planted like spokes radiating on a wheel continue to fascinate me.

7 thoughts on “All but the Kitchen Sink ~ April 4, 2014”

    1. I am staying jJust blocks from the Pantheon. Great location with a mixture of residences, cafés, shops, and students. Alas, my heart’s desire is the Camino. I’m at the train station heading for Le Puy. Linda


    1. It’s easy to see how both of you would have enjoyed Luxembourg Garden. Paris’ very best pastry shop, Dalloyau, faces the park on Rue de Medicis. The neighborhood is a great combination of green space, cafés, shops, students, and redences. Does Althea have any thought of going to school in France like her mother?


  1. Althea declared, “I want to live in France!” I had to break the news to her that EVERYONE wants to live in France.


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