Stairway to Heaven ~ Day 2 ~ April 8, 2014

Day 2, April 8
O miles, 0 miles total
Altitude: 2,066 feet
Weather: warm and sunny
Le Puy

Rocher St Michel is built on a volcanic plug in central Le Puy. In 961AD Bishop Godescalc, the most famous Santiago Compostela pilgrim, built a small square oratory on the top of the rock. The steps are carved out of rock. Beautiful fresco adorn the church ceiling.

The volcanic deposits account for the world famous Le Puy lentils, the caviar of the poor.


7 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven ~ Day 2 ~ April 8, 2014”

    1. The weather has been warmer than I like. Today I zipped off my lower paints for shorts. It sprinkled the last hour for the first time. Boots are great. Use poles 95% of the time. I hate tap-tapping through towns. I walked with an ironman athelet from Versailles the first day, two French women the second day, and myself day 3 and 4 during which the same guy passed me twice. I am truly walking off season. Always great to hear from my number one fan. Linda


    1. The non affiliated gites are the best. Imagine a reasonably priced ski or beach accommodation for a family or group of friends and you have a sampling of my accommodations. Tonight I’m at a bar/hotel/Gite and the lodgings are more like the hired staff quarters. None the less, meals are provided, space clean, quiet, and people are increditable nice. It definately has the feeling of a beach town in the quiet off season. Linda


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