What Will $42 Get You in France? ~ Day 4 ~ April 11, 2014

Day 4, April 10
9 miles, 19 miles total
Altitude: 1,969 feet
Weather: warm and sunny

A seven-person Gite (though I have the place all to myself) on a 120 year old fromage farm, a bottle of wine, Le Puy Green Lentil Soup, the best ever mushroom-chive omelet, beef, pasta, baguette, apple, orange, and of course fromage from the property all delivered to my table. By the way, “room service” for breakfast is yet to come.









4 thoughts on “What Will $42 Get You in France? ~ Day 4 ~ April 11, 2014”

  1. Sounds divine! You were missed at the Run for Autism/VIA 5k this morning. The weather is beautiful here, but no one has made a mushroom omelet or lentil soup …


    1. Thanks for thinking of me. Guess you won your age group. Did you take any of your chicken broth for post race recovery? Linda
      PS piggy will be sending more snaps.


    1. It was followed by an amazing breakfast with yogurt from the farm’s crows made below the room I slept, four homemade jams (tomato as one), local honey, and caraft thermos of hot chocolate from the girls downstairs. Your in shape come join me. Linda


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