Templiers ~ Day 6 ~ April 12, 2014

Day 6, April 12
14 miles, 47 miles total
Altitude: 1,960 feet
Weather: warm and sunny
Saint Alban-sur-Limagnole

A historic monument des Templiers (larger building) dating from 13th century. It was a hospital run by a religious order. Today it served me incredible strawberry sherbet.

The smaller house is a “buron,” shepherd’s isolate house when cattle and flocks of sheep are brought up to graze in the high pasturelands.

Walking all day feels like marathon training days doing “time on feet .” The feet keep turning over and over and over.





4 thoughts on “Templiers ~ Day 6 ~ April 12, 2014”

    1. Did a google search and decided I had the beginning of a corn and not a blister on top of a toe. I’ve applied a Compeed corn strip from my medical bag. Albeit, thanks for thinking of my “wheels.” Linda


  1. Sing a marching song and march, march…..remember you are walking where virtually thousands of feet have trod before so put those “twinkle toes” to the ground and “get her done””!!


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