Convent for the Night ~ Day 11 ~ April 17, 2014

Day 11, April 17
14 miles, 103 miles total
Altitude: 1,263 feet
Weather: warm and sunny 45-62F
Saint-Come d’Olt

Amazing! How much good fortune can one have? It even has a heated towel rack in the bathroom. Yes, those are my clothes on the line. Espace Angel Merci-Couvent de Malet. hhtp:/




6 thoughts on “Convent for the Night ~ Day 11 ~ April 17, 2014”

  1. I have come by myself but have a friend joining me for a week in France and a week in Spain. From what I see, unless you are traveling together (family, couples), most people spend the marjarity of the time walking alone. When one person takes a break, usually a cluster of people gather. Plenty of time at night to talk with fellow pilgrims.

    I am using Alison Raju’s guide book The Way of Saint James (Chemin de Saint-Jacjies de Compostelle), Miam Miam, Dodo for reservations and simple maps, and 1:50 scale French maps.

    Bon Chemin


  2. Sounds like a good choice. Good to have clean undies and socks.
    WIll you ever wear any of these outfits again? i would burn it all!!
    Are you sure you are going to do all of this? it goes on forever!!


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