Convent for the Night ~ Day 11 ~ April 17, 2014

Day 11, April 17
14 miles, 103 miles total
Altitude: 1,263 feet
Weather: warm and sunny 45-62F
Saint-Come d’Olt

Amazing! How much good fortune can one have? It even has a heated towel rack in the bathroom. Yes, those are my clothes on the line. Espace Angel Merci-Couvent de Malet. hhtp:/




6 thoughts on “Convent for the Night ~ Day 11 ~ April 17, 2014”

  1. Chien – dog Raison – reason It must feel like so much luxury just to arrive at the end of the day! XXOO Judy


  2. I have come by myself but have a friend joining me for a week in France and a week in Spain. From what I see, unless you are traveling together (family, couples), most people spend the marjarity of the time walking alone. When one person takes a break, usually a cluster of people gather. Plenty of time at night to talk with fellow pilgrims.

    I am using Alison Raju’s guide book The Way of Saint James (Chemin de Saint-Jacjies de Compostelle), Miam Miam, Dodo for reservations and simple maps, and 1:50 scale French maps.

    Bon Chemin


  3. Sounds like a good choice. Good to have clean undies and socks.
    WIll you ever wear any of these outfits again? i would burn it all!!
    Are you sure you are going to do all of this? it goes on forever!!


    1. Custom is to burn all your clothes once you reach the ocean. Could you post me a new outfit? Your taste is impeccable. Yes, Santiago bound. Linda


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