Ring around the Posies ~ Day 19 ~ April 25, 2014

Day 19, April 25
11 miles, 210 miles total
Altitude: 300 METERS
Weather: partly cloudy & light rain 50-60F
Joanna, from London joins me

Within the Monastere des Filles de Jesus cloisters, nuns joined hands forming a circle around a newly planted flower bed and began to sweetly sing in French. They stood in innocence and faith typical of children. Juxtapose these 19th century buildings stood a nun trying to capture the Sister’s photograph at this sweet moment with a digital camera.

These retiring nun radiate with smiles felt from the heart.

Christine said, “The smile is the universal language on the Camino.”




2 thoughts on “Ring around the Posies ~ Day 19 ~ April 25, 2014”

    1. I can only capture bits with the camera. What you miss is the shole of a setting. Magnifique. I look forward to your almost daily replies.
      Is Don still planning to do the Camino? Linda


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