Muddy Footprints ~ Day 23 ~ April 29, 2014

Day 23,  April 29

15 miles, 267 miles total

Altitude: 249 feet

Weather: rainy and cloudy 38-58F


Muddy footprints will lead you here for this series of photographs from one knoll. My stride resembled Michael Jackson’s moonwalk as slick mud draws each foot backwards. Caked mud makes the boots heavy like iron weights. Is it worth the effort? Yes!





6 thoughts on “Muddy Footprints ~ Day 23 ~ April 29, 2014”

  1. Wow! These landscapes look painted — they are so vibrant they do not seem real! Finally caught up with all of your recent adventures. Looks like you are having a wonderful trek so far. Love the bigger photos and LOVE seeing you look so happy and content! Yay! We miss you back here, but it’s raining and raining and raining . . . XOXOXO


    1. Glad you have caught up on my walking. It’s amazing. We talked so much about the planning. It great you can share it with me.

      Got several alerts on the phone saying flash flood warnings in C’ville. Hope you’re safe and well. Linda


  2. And raining, and raining, and raining… this is the third day of pouring rain. I hope you’re rain is more drizzle and less downpour than ours!


    1. Our rain has not been more than a drizzle. By the time I’ve decided to stop and put on my rain jacket, it’s stopped raining. So the jacket comes on and off countless times. The Chemin is more than making the difference in mud… Hog Heaven mud which goes over the top of your boots. Stay safe as I hear flash flooding is in your area. Linda.


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