Long and Winding Road ~ Day 29 ~ May 5, 2014

Day 29, May 5
17 miles, 344 miles total
Altitude: unlisted
Weather: sunny 58-78F

Happy Birthday Christine

It was a long and winding, and long and straight road today. The legs and feet move automatically. Endless vineyards. Many glimpses of the Pyrenees which look capped in Italian meringue.





5 thoughts on “Long and Winding Road ~ Day 29 ~ May 5, 2014”

  1. Wow! That’s a long walk. And more beautiful photos! We missed you atop Montalto this past weekend. A splendid day up there with lots of volunteers from the Boston group and probably the best views in the six years they’ve been doing that race. So happy your internet connection is back! I love hearing your voice and seeing your sights. Lucky girl! xoxoxo


  2. Hi Linda, we are following your adventure with envy. It looks glorious!!! How are you feeling and how are the feet, no blisters we hope? We spent last weekend walking in Swaledale with James and we all thought of you and your 1000 mile journey. Keep at it girl. xxx


    1. Feet are fine. Rain hasn’t gotten in boots and I limit the mileage to an average of 15 miles a day has helped. Plus sturdy boots to protect the soles of my feet from rocks.

      A trip to Swaledale sounds terrific. It’s one of the best portions of the C2C. I’m glad James got to return and share it with his mum.

      Whenever I see old Citroens I think of Leslie’s blue and white one. I also check to see if the license is a cherished one.

      Thanks for reading the blog. I look forward to our next walk. Linda


  3. It looks as though the terrain is becoming more beautiful each day. I love your comments and eagerly await each post. I can feel you getting more comfortable and confident each day…The only thing better would be walking with you…keep up the great job!!!
    You are a super star!!


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