Should Have ~ Day 40 ~ May 16, 2014

Day 40, May 16 ~ Day 40
0 miles, 470 miles REST DAY #4
Altitude: 124 meters
Weather: blue sky with clouds 60-75F

Leaving France is hard. I should have eaten more food, should have drank more wine, should have paused more to take in the beauty, should have learned more French….no one wants to leave France.

I spent hours on a computer improving my blog. Days are in sequential order and all pilgrimage pictures have been enlarged (London, Yorkshire, and Paris pictures are still in small format).

Jeffery and I had a long walk by the river cementing our friendship. It is his prayer card I drew in Le Puy and by shear chance met him 350 miles later. His family and I are bound. His wife joins him in days and with Camino magic I will met her too.






14 thoughts on “Should Have ~ Day 40 ~ May 16, 2014”

      1. I did see Kisses for Jay. If I had time, it would be worth it to fly to Sud-ouest France so that I too could meet Titi!


  1. BRAVO !! You’ve managed to do half of the Camino! We hope to do the same in few years… and especially reaching Santiago. We follow you during all days (even in the hardest moments (with rain and mud), but with the magic of the meetings. The body and the spirit are now serene…


    1. Thank you for your tender words of support. As the feet become more battered kind words lift the spirit. Keep me posted on your family’s progress. Linda


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