Over the Top ~ Day 49 ~ May 25, 2014

Day 49, May 25
14 miles, 588 total miles
Altitude: 1,968 feet (2,343 daily high)
Weather: sprinkle rain, blue sky with clouds. 45-68F

Spanish church interior are over the top in intricacy. Church of the Assumption, 16th-century, Navarette.

The octagon interior of the church associated with the Templars is far more restful for me. (Knights Templar, Day 48)




6 thoughts on “Over the Top ~ Day 49 ~ May 25, 2014”

  1. They all have a certain peace and appeal about them but suppose the smaller ones give you a bigger sense of intimacy..
    You are doing so great!!


    1. I agree, 100%. As I kid, I always liked going to church at the cathedral rather than the local parish, because it meant that I had plenty to distract myself with during the boring church service.


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