Front, Rear, and in Between ~ Day 51 ~ May 27, 2014

Day 51, May 27
14 miles, 618 total miles
Altitude: 2,460 feet (2,460 daily high)
Weather: blue sky with clouds. 45-65F

Front and rear of the Cathedral in Santo Domingo, 12th-century and a place in between.




8 thoughts on “Front, Rear, and in Between ~ Day 51 ~ May 27, 2014”

  1. I continue to follow your journey each day. It’s just the perfect amount of information, and your pictures are incredible. Oh, the sights you are seeing along the way. Stay safe.


  2. Linda, I’m finally chiming in, astounded by the beauty, amused by the personal detail and always cheering you on even though I’m so late to reply.



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