Talking Heads ~ Day 55 ~ May 31, 2014

Day 55, May 31
12 miles, 669 total miles
Altitude: 2,706 feet (3,117 feet daily high)
Weather: sun with brief light rain 45-60F
Hornillos is del Camino

So, what’s so special about talking? We’ve been doing it since age two.

Often “talking” simply gives someone a platform to elaborate their thoughts. It requires just a nod of the head from the listener.

Real “talking” results more listening than talking and more opportunity to respond to the speaker ‘s thoughts than your elaborate your thoughts. Conversation spirals rather than moves in a horizontal fashion.

Anyone who knows me would not be surprised to learn I spent the day’s walk with the cellist who is walking the Camino and playing in a church each night. We found ourselves separated from the “celebrate” pack and moved from acquaintance talk to great conversation. The most amazing part of the day was when we came upon a situation requiring help. Without words the two of us moved like trained dancers doing what needed to be done.

Once again I listened to the cellist’s concert in the village church at the close if the day. Such music baths the spirit. Dane gave me a kind gesture of recognition during the performance. We also had the opportunity to bring closure to a sensitive situation at the one and only local bar/cafe

As we are on the same schedule, I will often see him. I will make a point to give him the opportunity to walk with other people or to walk alone. For me, I have been grace being able to walk the Camino with a beautiful person.

Take a moment and check out his web




8 thoughts on “Talking Heads ~ Day 55 ~ May 31, 2014”

  1. So interesting about journeying with Dane. I am sure he feels just as lucky to have a beautiful person with whom to walk … and talk! Judy


  2. Hello Linda Jo, Frankie liked the picture with the hug. We are happy that you seem to be doing so well and enjoying your trip. You have some beautiful pictures and will have many great memories. We love you, Uncle Wade and Aunt Frankie.


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