Camelot Concert ~ Day 56 ~ June 1, 2014

Day 56, June 1
13 miles, 682 total miles
Altitude: 2,650 feet (3,083 feet daily high)
Weather: sunny with clouds 45-60F

Camelot Concert.

Are we pilgrims or are we film extras?

It has become obvious we walk the same schedule and our experiences will intertwine. We are enriched by the people, the music, and the filming. Our Camino experience will be documented internationally.







6 thoughts on “Camelot Concert ~ Day 56 ~ June 1, 2014”

  1. Hi we are in Charleston. deuce is in heaven!! we g to the beach mornig and night. Then he collpses on the couch.
    Keeping up with you. Last night e played the video yo sent. then we lustened to Piano Guys.


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