Meseta Blues ~ Day 57 ~ June 2, 2014

Day 57, June 2
16 miles, 698 total miles
Altitude: 2,559 feet (2,952 feet daily high)
Weather: sun with clouds 48-78F

I walk as if riding in a skiff through a ocean though it is not Indigo, Sapphire, or Turquoise blue water. It is an ocean of wheat varying in color from platinum blonde to deep green. With a whisper of wind the tips of wheat gently rise and fall. As the ocean is seldom flat, neither are the wheat fields seldom without motion. The current peacefully carries me along.

The flat Spanish mesetas are often under rated as mundane and monotonous. I find the mesetas to be as tranquil as floating on a raft. From this perspective I see wildflower punctuate the landscape in every imaginable color.





4 thoughts on “Meseta Blues ~ Day 57 ~ June 2, 2014”

  1. Lovely to have spent a little of the way walking with you today en route to Fromista. May you continue to have sun and a breeze the next few days too. Valda from N Z, now in Leon.


    1. Thank you for time well spent on the Camino. You inspire me. Sorry I could not stop and visit with you at the outdoor cafe. As the hour was getting late, I needed to secure an Albergue before it filled. Yesterday’s walk by the water was brilliant. Enjoy your Camino. Best, Linda


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