Makes Three ~ Day 62 ~ June 7, 2014

Day 62, June 7
12 miles, 771 miles
Altitude: 2,690 feet (2,2920 feet daily high)
Weather: light rain, sun with clouds 55-70F

Dane, his cello, and me make three for the walk to Leon. As the walk was beside the highway or urban, I did not feel guilty sharing walking time with Dane. I arrived early to join the waiting line to stay at the convent, al Monasterio de Benedictinas

Santa Mari de Carbajal

de Leon.





4 thoughts on “Makes Three ~ Day 62 ~ June 7, 2014”

    1. We have been extremely fortunate as I have not finished a day wet. I was in shorts and rolled up sleeves by the time I arrived in Leon. Next ten days should be sunny. Linda


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