Phenomenal Day ~ Day 63 ~ June 8, 2014

Day 63, June 8
14 miles, 785 miles
Altitude: 2,887 feet (2,956 feet daily high)
Weather: sun with clouds 55-70F
Villar de Mazarife

As though the sky was in competition with the landscape, each tried to outdo the other.

Lyle Lovett’s Pontiac CD played on my iPod. Drank a timely cafe con leche. A shady break with boots off while sitting with friends on a park bench. Finished the last miles fueled with healthy nuts; albeit, they were tucked in a Nestle’s chocolate bar.

That’s me walking up the hill.




4 thoughts on “Phenomenal Day ~ Day 63 ~ June 8, 2014”

    1. That’s true; but, I have taken a fee welcome days off to clear my mind and rest. The last dozen days will be focused clear and strong. Linda


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