In Memory ~ Day 71 ~ June 16, 2014

Day 71, June 16
16 miles, 867 miles
Altitude: 2,066 feet (3,051 feet daily high)
Weather: sunny 55-85F
Vega de Valcare

In memory of Cynthia’s sister who loved walking and was deeply loved.

Parish church of St. John the Baptist.





4 thoughts on “In Memory ~ Day 71 ~ June 16, 2014”

  1. Hi Linda, thanks so much for the thoughts and words about Beth! You truly are a dear friend! I check your blog almost every day. It’s been so nice to watch your progress and now your almost done! Happy trails!


    1. I carry Boston Bound’s friendship, spirit, and standards with me every day. Coach Mark was guiding me to execute perception of effort going up the hardest mountain on the Camino today. It was easier than Heart Break Hill or training on the Blue Ridhe Parkway which we no longer do. Love to you. Linda


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