Oldest Monastary ~ Day 74 ~ June 19, 2014

Day 74, June 19
16 miles, 909 miles
Altitude: 1,444 feet (2,970 feet daily high)
Weather: sunny 45-85F

One of the oldest monastery in the western world is the Benedictine Monasterio de Samos. A good portion of the monastery has been rebuilt since a fire in the 1950’s.

Toast tasted a bit better sitting across from the monastery.





4 thoughts on “Oldest Monastary ~ Day 74 ~ June 19, 2014”

  1. Dear Linda,

    The journey continues, BRAVO
    How different the Monasterio de Samos is from Senaque but both are so lovely

    Love to you,

    Betsey & Gary


  2. Hi Linda, glad your walk is continuing so well. I arrived in Santiago today, Thursday, June 19 and received Compostela after 1 hour wait. They told me the would issue over 1,000 that day. Friday is for ” rest”, site seeing, and planning. Will walk on to Finisterre beginning tomorrow morning Sat June 21. Regards, Vince Pratt (my daughter worked at Southern Environmental Law Center)


    1. Vince. Well done. Do you hear me clapping?

      Here’s a bit of information sent to me from Martin:

      Just a hint for you. There is a second Compostela provided this year by the church of Saint Francisco next to the cathedral. This Compostela is only provided this year.
      That is a very rare thing. All you need is your pilgrim pass to get it.

      Keep me posted as you walk the coming miles. Linda


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