Clouds Talk ~ Day 76 ~ June 21, 2014

Day 76, June 21
14 miles, 937 miles
Altitude: 1,148 feet (2,165 feet daily high)
Weather: hazy, blue sky with clouds, afternoon drizzle 60-75F
Palas de Rei

Clouds talk. They speak of coming rain.




4 thoughts on “Clouds Talk ~ Day 76 ~ June 21, 2014”

    1. No. I feel satisfied in the walk and have been walking too long to be saddened to see it come to an end. In the future, I would consider other Pilgrimages lasting about four weeks. Linda


  1. Benji gave me the link to your blog and I have spent the entire afternoon following it from the start to today, As I enjoyed each post I thought of clever things to say, but having reached the end they all came down to one thought: you, your words and your photography are AWESOME! Si Becker (Benji’s neighbor)


    1. Oh Si, I am delighted you took the time to read my blog. Your complements honor me greatly. Remember when I was snowed-in at Benji’s house and we talked about this trip? Now it is coming to a close. Looking forward to seeing you in C’ville. Linda


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