Someone’s Home ~ August 22, 2015

  • August 22, 2015
  • 17 Days Before Departure
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia
  • 10 miles, total assent 2,118 feet

Preparing for the St. Francis of Assisi pilgrimage.  When the parks were formed in the 1930’s, not all the displaced families disappeared from the mountains. They left their dead. 

  1. Cemetary
  2. Gravestone
  3. Chimney

In the 1930s, Shenandoah National Park was pieced together from over 3,000 individual tracts of land, purchased or condemned by the Commonwealth of Virginia and presented to the Federal Government. In the process, at least 500 families -described as “almost completely cut off from the current of American life” were displaced in what was considered by some to be an humanitarian act. To restore, or rather create, a ‘natural’ landscape out of the patchwork of recently abandoned settlements, Civilian Conservation Corps volunteers dismantled buildings and obscured the detritus of human habitation with the purity of imported vegetation.

10 thoughts on “Someone’s Home ~ August 22, 2015”

      1. We’re all well, Dave is currently doing a bike ride for charity. Plans are to do another walk in France/Spain next year. Enjoy!


  1. Dave should be quite successful on his charity bike ride. Keep me posted on your next Camino through France and Spain. I will do the Arles Camino May 2016. Any chance we will be doing the same route at the same time? Linda


  2. Next summer lets take some long walks or maybe even around Christmas. I am home for 3 weeks. It would be fun to catch up. Love sent, Erin


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