Ferris Wheel ~ November 2, 2015 

  • November 2, 2015
  • Day 56
  • Budapest
  • 40 – 46 degrees sunny

I have not overcome my childhood fear of the Ferris Wheel; so, admittedly here a photograph of something I did not partake.  It’s always best to leave something undone as tomorrow I leave Budapest for the USA and home.

  • 1st Budapest

4 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel ~ November 2, 2015 ”

  1. So glad you are home and safe from a fantastic journey thanks so much for allowing us to live vicarously through your blog.


    1. Thanks for all your support especially the summer months leading to the Cammino Di Assisi when I was walking hundreds of miles in Virginia’s heat and humid. You are my blog’s #1 most frequent commentator! Your responses fueled my dedication to make daily entries. Linda


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