Pain ~ May 13, 2016 

  • Friday 13, 2016
  • Day 13 (Day 10 Camino)
  • Saint-Gervais-sur-Mar
  • Distance: 20 miles (5% tarmac) 150 1/2 total miles
  • Ascent 3,361 feet and descent 3,159 feet
  • Time: 9 1/2 hours
  • Weather: 45- 60 degrees, 18 mph wind, cloudy with rain sprinkles

The pain of stopping the Camino is far more painful than the pain that caused you to stop.

Today the Belgium abruptly announced he could go no farther. Knee issues, which began before I met him, caused him to immediately return to Belgium.

Our hearts have tears saying good-bye.

In ten days, I’ve met a dozen pilgrims. Two have had to stop because of complications resulting from walking. I have learned much from those who can’t continue.

  1. Yesterday…Towards Lunas – pausing
  2. Towards Saint-Gervais-sur-Mar – Sergio at bus stop
  3. Towards Saint-Gervais-sur-Mar – Sergio with a brave smile and a hopeful ride as a hitch-hiker

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