Beware Postal Truck ~ May 14, 2016

  • Saturday, May 14, 2016
  • Day 14 (Day 11 Camino)
  • Murat-sur-Vèbre
  • Distance: 14 1/2 miles (5% tarmac) 166 total miles
  • Ascent 3,174 feet and descent 1,528 feet
  • Time: 7 1/2 hours
  • Weather: 45- 60 degrees, 18 mph wind, cloudy

I collapsed on the first paved lane after a difficult climb. Gipsey Kings played through my earbuds (Celine Dian wasn’t cutting it for hard climbing). Wouldn’t you know the only vehicle seen all day, a postal truck, crested the lane and almost ran me over. Next time I’ll be more cautious where I collapse.

  1. Castaret-le-Haut
  2. Castaret-le-Haut
  3. Murat-sur-Vèbre – Chambre d’hôtes – Gîte L’Etape des Menhirs

2 thoughts on “Beware Postal Truck ~ May 14, 2016”

    1. On recent days I may see less than a four cars in six hours. When I walk on the tarmack, I think of facing traffic and not repeating The Running Man’s fate. linda


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