Basilique Saint-Semin ~ May 24, 2016

  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016
  • Day 24 (Day 21 Camino / site-seeing day)
  • Toulouse
  • Distance: 5 1/2 miles (100% tarmac) 301 1/2 total miles
  • Ascent 558 feet and descent 666 feet
  • Time: 7 hours
  • Weather: 50-70 degrees, cloudy becoming blue sky’s with clouds

Toulouse may have always had the most pilgrim interest along the Arles Route to Santiago because of its numerous churches, convents, monasteries and hostelries/hospitals.

Saint Semin was the first bishop of Toulouse and was martyred in 250 AD by being dragged by bulls through the city streets. His body, along with 128 saints, lie in the Basilique Saint-Semin. Completed in C14th, it’s the largest Romanesque church in France.

Devine providence? None other than two of the French-Three-Some appear!

  1. Toulouse – Basilique Saint-Semin
  2. Toulouse – Basilique Saint-Semin
  3. Toulouse – Françoise and Jean-Françoise, Basilique Saint-Semin

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