Abort ~ May 27, 2016

  • Friday, May 27, 2016
  • Day 27 (Day 24 Camino)
  • L’Isle-Arne
  • Distance: 12 miles (40% tarmac) 346 1/2 total miles
  • Ascent 1,081 feet and descent 1,156 feet
  • Time: 6 1/2 hours
  • Weather: 50-75 degrees, overcast becoming blue sky with white clouds…humid

Desiring to savor my moments on the Camino, I’ve decided to abort my agenda in favor of a slower pace, less mileage, and more relaxation. Rather than be driven by a destination, I’ll make the most of the day.

Looks like I’ve become the company of eight French nurses who hike a week’s segment of the Camino each year (I haven’t done the math to figure out how many years that will take) and two German women who travel with a Canadian man

  1. Towards L’Isle-Arne
  2. Towards L’Isle-Arne – Joining the nurses for a picnic
  3. Towards L’Isle-Arne – A German and Canadian who have mastered the art of walking the Camino. By the time I’d arrive, they had found a spot in the sun with a Heiniken close at hand.

4 thoughts on “Abort ~ May 27, 2016”

  1. Excellent decision! Your drive for time and distance mystified me. Glad you have nurses on the trail! Enjoy the moments … Happy Memorial Day Weekend — will you get to Normandy? Judy


    1. I have the pleasure of the ladies for two more days before they return home. I can’t convince them to go to Spain with me. Six sets of eyes paired with six guide books makes navigating on poorly marked or non-existing marked trails duiable. Such fatigue for the mind. I follow their pace.
      Paris, June 20th
      Normandy, June 22nd
      London, June 26th
      Cotswolds, July 1-9th
      London, July 10th
      York, July 11th
      London, July 14th
      Everything simply fell into place. linda


  2. I concur with Judy about your new plan! Smell the roses—-what’s the hurry?
    Today, we have taken in a 9 year kitty who belonged to a friend of Robert’s who is moving back to NYC and can’t have a cat. Paco is his name and he’s currently residing in the 2nd bedroom while he gets acclimated to the new house. Maybe Sunday afternoon we will let him roam free for a little. Fingers crossed!


    1. Gosh, great news for Paco. You two adore all the delights of cats. He’ll have a great home. You’ve done a good deed.

      For me it’s a struggle between achieving and a slower pace lifestyle. More opportunities were added to this trip. The “cushion” or “flex” days at the end of the walk got more and more compressed. If I don’t make my destination goal (intersection of Le Puy – Santiago Route and Arles – Santiago Route), that will do. Each Camino is unique and the Arles Route is mentally challenging for all I met. With the exception of the only one young couple, everyone else is retired and well experienced on the Camino. I’m smelling more roses. Thanks linda


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