Under the Cloud ~ June 14, 2016

  • Tuesday, June 14, 2017
  • Day 44 (Day 41 Camino)
  • Puenta la Reigna
  • Distance: 20 1/2 miles (49% tarmac) 623 total miles
  • Ascent 1,997 feet and descent 2,585 feet
  • Time: 9 1/2 hours
  • Weather: 60-72 degrees, overcast, drizzle, blue sky with clouds. STARTED DAY IN SMARTWOOL CAP AND GLOVES.

Under the cloud is a conical shaped mountain which was seen on the horizon two days ago. As we walk around its base, Pamplona comes in view. My distinction is its neighboring town, Puenta la Reigna.

Yesterday we were in a fabulous gorge encircled by the rugged Pyrenees. In a day’s walk, we enter a valley encircled by rounded and more gentle mountains.

  1. Towards Puenta la Reigna
  2. Towards Puenta la Reigna
  3. Towards Puenta la Reigna

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