Guggenheim ~ May 16, 2018

• Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Day #6

• Bilbao (rest day)

• Distance 6.5 miles; total (N/A) 81.8 miles

• 816’ ascent and 931’ descent

• 100% hard surface

• Time: 6 hours 45 minutes

• Weather: 60 degrees; overcast

Guggenheim Museum. A must. The building best seen from a distance.

1st Bilbao

2nd Bilbao

3rd Bilbao

7 thoughts on “Guggenheim ~ May 16, 2018”

  1. Did Ghery do Bilbao? Looks similar to the LA (Disney) Music Hall. Fabulous pic. Hope to go one day…running out of days to do it all! I will live variously through your posts and pics.


  2. I really enjoyed the exhibits on the first floor both inside and outside. One room has a series of curved metal walls some parallel and some winding like s maze. The room feels to be half the size of a football field. Another exhibit you close your eyes and walk through a 30-second channel of head-to-toe feathers. Outside pieces reflected light and images of yourself. ~linda


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