Church Bells ~ May 23, 2018

• Wednesday, May 23, 2018, Day #13

• Cóbreces

• Distance 14.5 miles; total 171.7 miles (including 2-minute train ride crossing river)

• 1,628’ ascent and 1,459’ descent

• 100% hard surface

• Time: 7 3/4 hours

• Weather: 55-65 overcast

Gunter, a volunteer guide, shared the 16th century Iglesia de San Pedro’s history, sanctuary, and bell tower with me.

1st towards Cóbreces

2nd towards Cóbreces

3rd towards Cóbreces

4 thoughts on “Church Bells ~ May 23, 2018”

  1. incredible pictures and Monticello news..a neighbor of Pam and Ernie Watkins came on tour and was asking for you or me…they heard me greet my group but were in the tour behind..I met them and talked with them after..would have taken them up to dome but we were too busy.. Pam and Ernie had told them to look for us..Nice people – Moyers was there last name.. I told them what you were up to…small world but nothing like the world you are exploring..stay well and find peace.


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