Viva Le Vegas ~ May 28, 2018

• Monday, May 28. 2018, Day #18

• La Vega

• Distance 11.5 miles; total 253 miles

• 941’ ascent and 991’ descent

• 20% hard surface

• Time: 7 hours

• Weather: 50-60 overcast

Le Vega is situated on the coast with a perfect bar for the day’s libation. One bar. One restaurant. One LONG WIDE beach. That’s Le Vega.  Would one want for more?

1st La Vega

2nd La Vega

3rd La Vega

4 thoughts on “Viva Le Vegas ~ May 28, 2018”

  1. Thanks for letting us live your trip vicariously! The picture you have
    Been posting are stunning! Travel safe!

    Mary and Dennis


    1. I could have used some of your spirit and gumption today. The end was 3km longer than expected plus a steep climb. Alas, a very welcoming arrival by the albergue. ~linda


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