Tote that Pack – March 24, 2019

  • Sunday, March 24, 2019 – Day 11
  • Temples #27
  • Aki City, Japan
  • Weather: 50-55 degrees with blue skies
  • Miles 16.2 (walk & train)/121 Miles

Last night’s hostess went into great detail where to leave backpacks for an out-and-back high hike to Temple #27. As tempting as that sounded, leaving your pack limits options and posses potential problems. The two Italian young women offered company as we plodded upward. The view was well worth the climb.

  1. Temple #27
  2. Temple #27
  3. Temple #27

5 thoughts on “Tote that Pack – March 24, 2019”

    1. Hi Bev, no aches or pains. Taking a bit of rest at a hut overlooking the sea. Shoes are off and I’m wiggling my toes. Backpack is off my back. A moment of true heaven. Yes I can’t imagine pruning all those bushes. Glad to hear from you. ~linda


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