To Walk- Tuesday, March 26, 2019

  • Tuesday, March 26, 2019, Day 13
  • Temple #29 & #30
  • Kōchi City, Japan
  • Weather: 50-55 degrees with blue skies
  • Miles 12.7 / Total 151.7

How to walk Shikoku 88 Buddhist Temples? With help from others. Is luck or providence that brings individuals most needed into our lives?

Anne R. is a Dane with a cherub face and glowing smile. She taught me how to find the roadside markings and savor cups of hot water. Well traveled, she finds a memento pebble from each place to added to her rock collection. I loved her brilliant idea of taking a day off without the backpack and walking along the coast. The temples will still be there.

Naomi N. is Japanese and had the most amazing calming effect on me. I met her days into walking and still needing training wheels. There were times anxiety clenched my chest. From the moment I met Naomi, I felt calm…Let go. All will sort itself out. Sheepishly I mentioned this to Naomi. In the most natural fashion she replied we were probably family in past lives.

Arnold S. is Canadian and glides alone each day with the serenity of Buddha and with the experience of walking 88 temples four times. He is a fountain of knowledge. Arnold carries an endless supple if tiny Canadian flag lapel pins to give as ossetia. He “freed” me of the notion I must only walk. There’s no virtue walking miles and miles alone busy highways when a train or bus can make the day more enjoyable. Kindly he mentions remarkable places or routes I might over look. I start my day solo walking and when least expected, there he is. How nice to have a familiar face and anchor.

  1. Anne R.
  2. Naomi N. and the “Kane-ishi,” a large rock. It is believed that the noise created when you hit this rock with a small rock will reach the spirits of those who have passed away.
  3. Naomi N. and Arnold S.

7 thoughts on “To Walk- Tuesday, March 26, 2019”

  1. I’m not at all surprised that you are meeting such amazing people on your latest pilgrimage. I think you have many family members from past lives.


  2. Linda, we have so enjoyed following your blog. This trip is so different from your European adventures, however the one thing in common is meeting beautiful people who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge of the journey. The one thing we learned with our motorcycle trips is it is not the destination but the journey. Charlottesville is beautiful at this time, daffodils and Bradford pears are blooming so redbuds will be close behind. Stay safe and have a restful journey. MJB


    1. Hi Sophie, my room looks like a laundromat with clothes hanging to dry. It reminds me of many rooms on the Camino we shared. Best, Linda


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