Jefferson’s Nickel – Friday, March 29, 2019

  • Friday, March 29, 2019, Day 16
  • Temple #37
  • Shimanto Town, Japan
  • Weather: 55-65 overcast
  • Miles 34.1 (walk & train) / Total Miles 217.4

Alone the costal mountain road on the Yokonami Peninsula, I met a couple who had parked at view point. After a bit of welcomed conversation, I offered them an o-settia. I carry a newly minted roll of nickels with the images Thomas Jefferson and Monticello. Using the app google translate, I explain Thomas Jefferson was America’s third president. His home was named Monticello. I work at Thomas Jefferson’s home. The couple was delighted. I continued walking down the road when I heard shouting. The man was running with outstretched arms holding two beautiful oranges, an o-settia for me. It feels so good to be giving and receiving these daily gifts.

This couple got it. Unfortunately many receivers of my USA nickel think I work at the president’s home, the White House.

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4 thoughts on “Jefferson’s Nickel – Friday, March 29, 2019”

  1. What a wonderful experience and the meeting and making new friends
    Is a special bonus. Keep those posts coming I’m loving them!!


    1. Hi Don, Yesterday I was leaving Temple #39 at the end of the day and a car stops. The driver says “0-settai” and hands me individually wrapped hard candy. It’s just what I needed to give me a boost. How I wished I had a nickel handy to offer him o-settai too. ~linda


  2. The pictures of the cliffs and the sea are wonderful. And the story of the o-settai is full of hope and kindness…


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