Trees – Saturday, March 30, 2019

  • Saturday, March 30, 2019, Day 17
  • Temples #38 & 39
  • Sukumo City, Japan
  • Weather: 55-60 overcast & brief light rain
  • Miles 86.6 (walk, 3 trains, 2 buses) / Total Miles 304


  1. Temple #38
  2. Temple #38
  3. Temple #39

6 thoughts on “Trees – Saturday, March 30, 2019”

    1. 86 miles in one day. Seems crazy. How do your feet take it. Mine would need a years rest. I’d need a massage every 3 hours. Ha ha… love and healing sent….


  1. Hi Linda. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and details from your travels!! So fascinating! I am so happy you are having a good time on your trip and sharing this wonderful experience! Take care, Pam


    1. Thanks Pam. Not only does the blog let me share the trip with others but also allows me to reflect on the day and create memories for myself. Without this handy “diary,” I’m afraid the days would just blend together. ~linda


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