Recouping – Sunday, March 31, 2019

  • Sunday, March 30, 2019, Day 18
  • Temples #40 Sukumo City, Japan
  • Weather: 45-50 overcast becoming partially sunny
  • Miles 18 / Total Miles 322

Strong headwinds added extra exertion to today’s walk. Arrived at Temple #40 feet weary. Hot tub was followed up with a good rest.

  1. O-Settia Orange
  2. A favorite snack, sugar coated ginger slices.
  3. ~The other half of me

4 thoughts on “Recouping – Sunday, March 31, 2019”

  1. “Momma said there would be days like this”. Glad you made it. Take care of your feet, Linda. The cherry blossoms look spectacular this year.


  2. Sooo good to see you smiling on these pictures. And your feet remenber me how good care you took of them when we met on the Camino in 2016. Like dancers, you remember ?


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