Going Up – April 3, 2019

  • April 3, 2019, Day 21
  • Temples: #41, #42, and #43
  • Uchiko, Japan
  • Weather: 45-55 Blue skies with white clouds
  • Miles 27.7 (walk a & train) / Total Miles 383

It seems as though climbing a mountain and steps are always involved in visiting a temple. It’s always worth the effort.

Many older people visit the temple on bus tours. The buses may take them to the temple but they still must independently climb very uneven rocky steps. Their tour usually comes with a monk to lead them in prayer. The guides are responsible for getting all the guest’s stamp books, scrolls, or shirts stamped. Guides are seen double checking to make sure each item is stamped. There is no margin for error.

  1. Temple #41
  2. Temple #41 Inside Temple #41
  3. Temple #41

2 thoughts on “Going Up – April 3, 2019”

    1. Hi Pam. That I don’t know. The Japanese are so well mannered I can’t imagine anyone being late for a bus much less not board. ~linda


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