Great Mystery – April 3, 2019

    April 3, 2019, Day 21
    Temples: #41, #42, and #43
    Uchiko, Japan
    Weather: 45-55 Blue skies with white clouds
    Miles 27.7 (walk a & train) / Total Miles 383

At one temple a notice was posted for foreigners. Yes, it is strange for me to see myself as a foreigner. It redirected o-henros. Finally the mystery is revealed. Massive land slide. The question remands what caused this extensive damage all throughout this mountain.


Thanks to Saburo T., the mystery is solved. The cause of the massive land slide is thought to be the damage done by heavy rains last summer, 2018. Ehime Prefecture (my current location), Hiroshima Prefecture, etc. were severely damaged.

  1. To Temple #43
  2. To Temple #43
  3. To Temple #43

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