First – April 3, 2019

  • April 3, 2019, Day 21
  • Temples: #41, #42, and #43
  • Uchiko, Japan
  • Weather: 45-55 Blue skies with white clouds
  • Miles 27.7 (walk & train) / Total Miles 383

I met my first Japanese woman walking Shikoku 88 Temples. Plus, she walks alone. Other Japanese women seen have come by car or tour bus. I had one burning question. How did her parents feel about her walking Shikoku’s 88 temples? They were extremely apprehensive. Every night she emails her parents to let them she’s doing well.

  1. Cherry Blossom Temple #43
  2. Gate Temple #43
  3. Solo Japanese Walking Woman

8 thoughts on “First – April 3, 2019”

  1. Linda,
    I am so enjoying reading of your adventure, and I love the photos!
    How wonderful that you met such an interesting young woman who has also chosen to make this adventure alone!


      1. She seems young as well. You’ve been at it for three weeks and are half way through the temples. It is a LONG journey.


      2. Hi Tom. I imagine she was in her mid-twenties. Half the temples visited but there are not evenly spaced. I’ll just keep enjoying until my time runs out. ~linda


  2. I’ve been loving following along your journey. Great photos and commentary! Mark should post the photo of you with your CTC hat on in Japan.


    1. Hi Larry. Yes, seeing a CTC hat in Japan would be great news. It’s 39 degrees and I am reminded of our early morning chilly runs. Not much warmth created sitting on a bench waiting for a train. I miss our runs. 🏃‍♀️~linda


    1. I do not wear the traditional sedge hat as it is not comfortable for me. It has to be specially tied like a football helmet to keep on the head in the wind. I wear a Charlottesville Track Club cap. On windy days, I put a SmaryWool beanie or Buff on it to keep it from blowing off. ~linda


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