Pick-Up Truck – April 6, 2019

  • Saturday, April 6, 2019, Day 24
  • Temples: #50 and #51
  • Matsuyama City, Japan
  • Weather: 40-55 Overcast
  • Miles 30 miles (walk, truck, chair lift, rope line) / Total Miles 478.1

High on our list of things we should have done was to accept car rides. Christine and I declined rides from “driving o-henros” as we like to walk. Hours down the road with more miles to go, we chastise ourselves for not taking advantage of an opportunity.

This morning I led the way. We learned it was the right way but the long, hilly way. Keizo K. offered us a ride in his pick-up truck to Temple #50 and off we went!

  1. Christine and Linda in a pick-up truck
  2. Christine and Linda in a pick-up truck
  3. Keizo K. offers us o-setts I oranges
  4. Christine, Keizo K. and Linda

4 thoughts on “Pick-Up Truck – April 6, 2019”

    1. Things I would never to at home are very reasonable on Shikoku. My shirts lets people know I may need help and they are quick to offer help. ~linda


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