Chairlift- April 6, 2019

  • Saturday, April 6, 2019, Day 24
  • Temples: #50 and #51 Matsuyama City, Japan
  • Weather: 40-55 Overcast
  • Miles 30 miles (walk, truck, chairlift, rope line) / Total Miles 478.1

The chairlift would not have been my first choice for riding to Matsuyama Castle. It’s too exposed for my comfort level. Can you believe there was no seat seat or lap bar? Obviously it would not have met OSHA standards. How had somebody no fallen from this chairlift? As the chairlift was Christine’s choice, off we went. It was truly an amazing ride having the wind and sun in your face. Unfortunately we missed the chairlift’s closing time for the return trip and had to ride in the rope line “gondola.” It probably met OSHA standards.

  1. Video of Christine on Chairlift
  2. Linda’s selfie on Chairlift Ropeline
  3. Gondola

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