Goodbye and Hello – April 7, 2019

  • Sunday, April 7, 2019, Day 25
  • Temples: #52, #53, #54 and #55
  • Imabari City, Japan
  • Weather: 50-60 hazy
  • Miles 34.7 miles (tram, 2 trains, walk) /Total Miles 452.8

Christine and I take our last selfie before she disembarks the train. A final goodbye. As her stay in Shikoku is two months, she has the luxury of walking by the sea. I must continue on “rapid” transit as my stay is less than six weeks.

At Temple #54, a surprising hello from Ishihara S. whom I met March 31 at Temple #40. He doesn’t walk, he charges never riding buses or trains. Hard core!

  1. Christine and Linda
  2. Christine
  3. O-henro, Ishihara S.

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