Daunting – April 13, 2019

  • Saturday, April 13, 2019, Day 31
  • Temples: #79, #81, #82, and #80
  • Takamatsu City, Japan
  • Weather: 45-55 degrees blue skies becoming overcast
  • Miles 14.3 miles (walk & train) / Total Miles 609.4

Seen from this perspective, accomplishing a visit to 88 Temples thus circling the island seems daunting. Today’s walk is off Google’s GPS and Map.me. I’m relying on my guide book maps and sparsely posted directional decals.

Who to ask when help is needed? Choose a high school student as it is likely he will be studying English. Pick someone wearing a track club jacket (albeit written in Japanese) so you will have a common topic for conversation. He likes the 100-meter distance best. This kind fellow pushed his bike 10-minutes to make sure I was where I wanted to be.

  1. View of Takamatsu City, Pacific Ocean, and bridges from the main land to Shikoku
  2. Track Star, a Good Samaritan
  3. Track Star’s Running Jacket.

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