Celebrate – Tuesday, April 16, 2019

  • Tuesday, 2019 April 16, Day 3
  • Temples: #88
  • Sanuki City, Japan
  • Weather: 55-60 degrees blue skies with white clouds
  • Miles 10.2 miles (walk & car) / Total Miles 664.5

Celebrate with fellow o-henros. Yes, we’re all the retired set. Since mid-point the average age of o-henros has increased. Females are outnumbered by males.

Excellent dinner with traditional celebratory red rice.

Our co-hosts, mother and daughter. The granddaughter is pictured in the background poster. She received a gold metal in the 2008 Olympics for baseball. Definitely an around winning team.

  1. Fellow O-henros
  2. Dinner featuring Red Rice
  3. Co-Hosts

2 thoughts on “Celebrate – Tuesday, April 16, 2019”

  1. Congratulations and job well done!!! Memories that will last forever. You are now a true ambassador of the 88 temple walk. Very proud of you


    1. Oh Tom, these memories will be tucked in with our C2C memories. You’ve supported me on every experience since our walking days together. I hope your foot is healing well. ❤️~linda


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