Japanese Camino – Saturday April 20, 2019

  • Saturday, April 20, 2019 Day
  • Temples: Kumano Kudo
  • Nara (75 miles from Ōsaka), Japan
  • Weather: 55-65 degrees blue skies

Kumano Kodo is a networked of Japanese trails taken by pilgrims for centuries connecting sacred sights. Ten years ago it became a “sister road” to the Santiago de Compostelle Camino in Spain. Both share unique values. Kumano Kodo leads to the three shrines of Kumano Kudo whereas Santiago de Compostelle leads to the Cathedral Santiago de Compostelle. Both use a stamped passport to document the pilgrimage.

The bird with three legs is Kumanos symbol complementing the Camino fanned lined scallop shell.

Three friends who met on Camino Norte spend their last day together exploring Japan’s Camino Kumano Kudo. How fitting.

  1. Saburo and Namiyo with a Santiago de Compostelle scallop stone marker
  2. Three Legged Bird Symbol
  3. Three Legged Bird Symbol

4 thoughts on “Japanese Camino – Saturday April 20, 2019”

  1. Linda, whatva beauiful journey you are sharing with us. Thank you so very much.😊 Happy, happy Easter to you on this beautiful Sunday morning in Washington DC.


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