Now We’re Talking – June 6, 2022

  • Ottawa-Montréal Camino #7
  • L’Orignal to Chute à Blondeau
  • Distance: 12.5 miles / Total: 82.75 miles
  • Time: 8 hours 10 minutes
  • Ascent: 303 feet / Descent: 257 feet
  • Weather: 75 degrees, sunny with clouds

Now we’re talking. Wallowing on the Ottawa River.

Michel and Arnold relaxed in the Ottawa River.
Michelle and devise by the Ottawa River.
Linda dressed to avoid Ottawa River Mosquitoes. FYI nothing worked to avoid the colossal sluggish mosquitoes.

2 thoughts on “Now We’re Talking – June 6, 2022”

  1. Sorry you have met the Canadian mosquitoes. Hope the black flies that often are part of June in Canada are on vacation somewhere! Loved the Ottawa River rocking chair and foot soak! 😋


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