No Entrance – June 11, 2022

  • Ottawa-Montréal Camino #12
  • Laval to Montréal
  • Distance: 8.25 miles / Total: 144 miles
  • Time: 5 hours
  • Ascent: 558 feet / Descent: 118 feet
  • Weather: 75 degrees, sunny clear skies

Small detail. No entrance by foot to Saint Joseph’s Oratory because of a massive construction project. Having walked every step of the way, was I willing to ride the shuttle bus to the church? No.

Change of mind set. If I was comfortable riding ferries along the Camino, than this unexpected twist should not diminish from my accomplishment. Mask up and take a seat on the shuttle and ride to the top.

Family and friends gave us a royal welcome. A perfect acknowledgment to our Camino.

No entrance by foot!
Five minute shuttle bus.
Bird’s eye view of construction project.
Danielle’s son and his friend.
Martina, Arnold, Linda, Danielle, and Michel. Bravo!

PS…Elise was part of our celebration in spirit. Unfortunately, she was unable to finish the Camino with us.

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