Rain – Sept. 12, 2022

  • Day 2: Lisbon
  • Weather: 65-80 degrees / thunderstorms with downpour, overcast

Driving rain sent me purchasing the first in a series of €5 umbrellas. When the rains stops, each umbrella became the latest donation. Travel light.

Dressed for rain.
Clutching my first “donation” umbrella. My motto is, “Use it or loose it.”
Dodging umbrellas.
Even Gortex rain gear could not handle today’s fierce rain. I am willing to carry extra weight for an extra layer of rain gear. It takes two Decathlon Sport Stores before I am able to buy the last rain poncho in Lisbon.

4 thoughts on “Rain – Sept. 12, 2022”

  1. So happy you were able to get some new rain gear. Hiking while wet realy saps your spirits

    Enjoy the friendships along the way


    1. Thanks Tom. Of note, I didn’t start blogging until after Lisbon. I’m now filling in that gap. Lisbon dates are September and Madrid dates are October. I got the rain pan jo before i started the walk. ~linda


  2. Linda,

    I am so enjoying your posts and beautiful photos.

    So glad you are taking these post-Camino days to explore these interesting spots!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your Camino adventure when you return to Virginia.



    1. Can you believe I’m leaving in a day? Just note. I didn’t start the blog until after Lisbon. I’m filling in the gap. Lisbon dates are September and Madrid dates are October. ~linda


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